Tis the Season…


It’s November! Thanksgiving is soon, and then Christmas/Hanukah and then New Years! Oh my!

The holidays are usually about family, fun and food…lots and lots of food! Last I read, the average person gains about 7 pounds over the holidays (the “holidays” being defined as Thanksgiving to New Year’s). However, this does not need to be the case. Studies have shown that if you indulged on only those three days (Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza, and New Years), you would not gain weight. The problem is, when people start eating on Thanksgiving and eat their way until New Years. Between the office parties, holiday parties, family gatherings, and yummy holiday treats popping up at your favorite coffee shops, it’s a nonstop, all you can eat, time of year! They you wake up with a sugar hangover and belly bloat, causing you to make the dreaded New Year’s Resolution: “Lose 10 pounds!” Now is that really a positive way to start the year?

I’m here to change all of that! Start thinking about it now. Start getting into shape now – clean up your diet, bump up the exercise, drink more water. Between now and New Year’s Eve, I’ll be sending out tips and tricks from my Holiday Survival Guide… my gift for my loyal email subscribers. I will not be posting them on the blog, so if you want these fabulous tips to help get you through the holidays, without derailing your healthy lifestyle habits, sign up a get on my list!

I’m here to help you make this a healthy, happy, and fabulous holiday season!

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