Make Your Own Rules


I had the pleasure of working with Juliann¬†Stitick of Wardrobe Rx, who is an amazing fashion consultant. When it comes to fashion, I’m a bit of a mess! I can never seem to get all of the rules straight… don’t where black with blue, gold with silver, actually don’t ever where gold because it’s not your color. It was driving me crazy! The best advice she ever gave me – “Make your own rules!” Her point was for me to wear whatever felt good to me, whatever I felt beautiful in. Then she sent me this card, that hangs on my mirror everyday to remind me that I make the rules of my life.¬†

This is something important to remember, because this doesn’t just apply to fashion. It can be applied to your diet and exercise routine. Now, obviously if you decide one of your rules is to sit on the couch and eat a cheeseburger everyday, you’re probably not going to accomplish your goals and most likely won’t feel very good! What I mean is, you decide what diet is right for you. I often get asked, “should I go vegan, eat only raw? What about high protein, low carb?” My answer is yes! Pick what makes you feel the healthiest and can work with your lifestyle. That’s what is most important. My goal for my clients is to feel the best they can at any age. ¬†TOGETHER, we figure out to get there.

So go make your own rules!

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