My name is Jamie Leff. I’m a registered dietitian, and I LOVE food!  People always ask me what I eat, and are often surprised when they find out I don’t live on salads and tofu (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and that I don’t spend hours in the kitchen making gourmet meals with 20 healthy ingredients (I actually hate to cook.) Another common comment I get is “Oh no, there’s a dietitian at the table!” No one wants to sit next to me at the dinner table! Or I’ll have a bite of cake or a slice of pizza and someone will point out, “Aren’t you a dietitian? Don’t you know better?” The honest truth is that I’m human… I have a sweet tooth, I’ve been known to go on an emotional binge once or twice, and my social schedule often frightens people. I am always going to dinners, parties, showers, weddings and I love to travel! So how do I stay thin, fit and healthy? I’ve learned how to balance it out!

That is how I’ve developed my philosophy over the years and how I work with clients.  I don’t believe in the “One Diet Fit’s All approach.” In fact, I’ve probably tried every diet out there and will continue to try every diet as my clients ask me about them. I love trying new programs. It’s part of why I became a dietitian. What I do is work with people where they are at, combine different ideas and approaches and see what sticks! The truth is, I would rather live to be 85 having enjoyed every ounce of my life, than to live to be 100, having never “tasted” life.

My goal is to share with you what I do, inspire you to live the healthiest life you can (whatever that looks like for you) and to teach you that it can be fun and enjoyable. It’s not easy. It takes effort… old habits are hard to break. But go easy on yourself. If I beat myself up every time I had a chocolate chip cookie, I’d be black and blue!

So enjoy and welcome!

My name is Jamie Leff, I’m a registered dietitian, I love food, and yes, “I know better!”

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