Eat Only Foods That Will Eventually Rot!


I am loving Michael Pollan’s book, “Food Rules – an Eater’s Manual!” If you have not read it, I can’t recommend it enough. He is a man after my own heart – searching for ways to make nutrition simple, he tells it like it is, and weeds through all of the bologna.

McDonald's Food
In case you have not heard of the Happy Meal Experiment, I have done it. I have a Happy Meal that I bought back in October 2009. That means it’s coming up on it’s 5th birthday! The thing looks exactly the same since the day I bought it. Nothing’s grown on it, the meat didn’t rot, the bread didn’t mold… there’s something really wrong with that! Your food should not outlive you! In fact, I had to place it in a box because the bag it came in deteriorated thanks to the oil.

A big complaint I get from people is that they hate buying fruits and vegetables because they always go bad. To them I say YES!! Celebrate that and go buy more. Because as myself and Michael Pollan say, “Eat Only Foods That Will Eventually Rot!”

Do you have any foods in your pantry right now that are way past the expiration date, but look pretty much the same as you bought them? Please share! Let’s get a support group going. My name is Jamie Leff and I have a Happy Meal from 2009…

Do you know mom’s that are a slave to the drive through? Please share!

2 thoughts on “Eat Only Foods That Will Eventually Rot!

  1. Wow I love this…I had a problem with fruits and vegetables going bad and I finally started using only what I needed and freezing the rest. I do the same with chicken and fish. No more rotten food and I always have something available to thaw out and create a meal. And you just cured me of my once a year craving for McDonald’s french fries…yuck. Thanks for another fun, informative message, Jamie!

    • Thanks Tanna!!! I will still go to McDonald’s, but only for a bottle of water or coffee! :-)

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