Is Your Business Thriving?


6776471497_ea42f761cd_mIf your answer is no, then my next question would be, are you thriving?

I had the pleasure of chatting with long time friend and amazing personal trainer Jeff Phillips. He was telling me that one of the benefits his clients get from working with him is a clearer head and better mental outlook to take on the day. Problems seem much easier to tackle when you are feeling fit and energized!

How are you feeling on a daily basis? How is your health? How is that effecting how you deal with the issues that arise in your business and how you operate from day to day? How is this effecting your relationships with your current and potential clients? Are you vibrant and full of life, ready to take on whatever they throw at you? Or are you running late to meetings and missing deadlines because you just don’t have the energy to handle the workload?

Imagine 2 scenarios:

A) You’re running late to work, so you skip breakfast. By the time lunch rolls around, you’re starving. On your way to a meeting, you drive through a fast food place and order a burger, fries and a large diet coke because you need the caffeine to stay awake. How do you think you are going to feel when you get to that meeting? How is that going to effect your first impression on this potential client?

B) You’re running late to work, so you grab a hard-boiled egg and a banana to eat on the way. By mid-morning you are starting to get a little hungry, so you eat the pack of almonds you have stashed in your desk drawer. On your way to a meeting, you run into a sandwich shop and grab a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with extra veggies. You’re blood sugars haven’t been on a roller coaster ride, like in scenario A, so you don’t need to caffeine. You opt for a large bottle of water. How do you think you are going to feel when you get to that meeting? How is that going to effect your first impression on this potential client?

If things are not going as you would like in your business, or in your life in general, take a look at what’s going on with your health and nutrition. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you drinking enough water? Getting the right amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables? See if there are small changes you can make, and notice the changes in your ability to take on the day! There is always going to be a crisis or meltdown at work when you’re running on 4 hours of sleep, caffeine and sugar!

I want to hear from you! How are you health habits effecting how you do business?


Eat Only Foods That Will Eventually Rot!

I am loving Michael Pollan’s book, “Food Rules – an Eater’s Manual!” If you have not read it, I can’t recommend it enough. He is a man after my own heart – searching for ways to make nutrition simple, he tells it like it is, and weeds through all of the bologna.

McDonald's Food
In case you have not heard of the Happy Meal Experiment, I have done it. I have a Happy Meal that I bought back in October 2009. That means it’s coming up on it’s 5th birthday! The thing looks exactly the same since the day I bought it. Nothing’s grown on it, the meat didn’t rot, the bread didn’t mold… there’s something really wrong with that! Your food should not outlive you! In fact, I had to place it in a box because the bag it came in deteriorated thanks to the oil.

A big complaint I get from people is that they hate buying fruits and vegetables because they always go bad. To them I say YES!! Celebrate that and go buy more. Because as myself and Michael Pollan say, “Eat Only Foods That Will Eventually Rot!”

Do you have any foods in your pantry right now that are way past the expiration date, but look pretty much the same as you bought them? Please share! Let’s get a support group going. My name is Jamie Leff and I have a Happy Meal from 2009…

Do you know mom’s that are a slave to the drive through? Please share!

Are You Struggling With Your Habits?

It is easier to add a good habit to one’s life than to discontinue a bad one.

- Mama Gena

I just love this! How many times do you try to break a bad habit, only to fail? Think about it… take a moment to write down all of your bad habits you are trying to break to reach your health goals.

Here are some examples:

  • stop eating dessert
  • give up read meat
  • avoid dairy
  • stop watching tv instead of exercising
  • give up chocolate

Ok, already this list depresses me. If I woke up every day telling myself, “Ok, today is the day I’m going to give up chocolate,” I would not want to get out of bed. Instead, start making a list of all of the good habits you can add. If you’re goal is to get more fiber, what’s one food you can add today to get more fiber. If you’re goal is to exercise more, what’s one activity you can do today. Don’t worry about the rest of the week. Take it day by day and focus on today! I wake up every morning and say, “Today I’m going to move my butt!” And then I get out of bed and I do some stretches, maybe some sit-ups if I have the time, or some calf raises in the kitchen while I’m cooking breakfast. It takes about 10 minutes, but I feel good knowing that at least I moved somewhat today! And more often than not, it motivates me to want to move more. I find myself looking for ways to move throughout the day: I park farther away, I take the stairs, I even carve out a half hour on my way home from work to go to the gym!

The moral of the story is, don’t focus so much on the things you shouldn’t do. Instead, focus on what you CAN do! It’s much more empowering.

What’s one good habit you can add today? Share below. You might inspire someone!

Make Your Own Rules

I had the pleasure of working with Juliann Stitick of Wardrobe Rx, who is an amazing fashion consultant. When it comes to fashion, I’m a bit of a mess! I can never seem to get all of the rules straight… don’t where black with blue, gold with silver, actually don’t ever where gold because it’s not your color. It was driving me crazy! The best advice she ever gave me – “Make your own rules!” Her point was for me to wear whatever felt good to me, whatever I felt beautiful in. Then she sent me this card, that hangs on my mirror everyday to remind me that I make the rules of my life. 

This is something important to remember, because this doesn’t just apply to fashion. It can be applied to your diet and exercise routine. Now, obviously if you decide one of your rules is to sit on the couch and eat a cheeseburger everyday, you’re probably not going to accomplish your goals and most likely won’t feel very good! What I mean is, you decide what diet is right for you. I often get asked, “should I go vegan, eat only raw? What about high protein, low carb?” My answer is yes! Pick what makes you feel the healthiest and can work with your lifestyle. That’s what is most important. My goal for my clients is to feel the best they can at any age.  TOGETHER, we figure out to get there.

So go make your own rules!