Got Greens?


Acai Cherry Smoothie

Kids are smart. You can’t fool them. Although the idea of sneaking greens into a smoothie sounds good in theory, if it looks green the little ones get suspicious! Try this Acai Berry – Cherry recipe. It comes out looking more redish purple than green and it tastes delicious! Plus, Acai berries are high in anti-oxidants, so your family is getting extra nutrition!

This recipe makes about two servings:
First, add a handful of greens (I usually pick a few leaves of kale, a few leaves of spinach and a few leaves of chard off of my Tower Garden, but any leafy green will do!)

1 Sambazon Acai Berry Smoothie Packet (rinse under warm water for a few seconds to thaw before putting in blender)

1 cup organic frozen cherries

8 ounces of 100% pure Orange Juice and 8 ounces of cold filtered water (I like the tang of the Orange Juice, but dilute it with water to cut down on the sugar)

2 scoops Vanilla protein powder (I love the Juice Plus Complete because it’s made from whole foods without any artificial ingredients)

Blend in the blender or Vitamix until smooth


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